Società Elettrica Sopracenerina (SES) Speeds Up Supplier Invoice Processing Time by 50% with Esker

Derby, UK — July 31, 2018Esker, a worldwide leader in document process automation solutions and pioneer in cloud computing, today announced it is working with SES, a Swiss electricity supply company, to automate its accounts payable (AP) process. Esker’s accounts payable automation solution has enabled SES to speed up its invoice process, increase efficiency and optimise internal resources.

Prior to Esker, SES manually processed its supplier invoices, which led to limited process visibility, lost invoices, delays in internal workflow and management difficulties. The company’s 10,000 annual invoices needed to be printed and submitted for approval — both in the invoice booking in SES’s SAP® system and in the payment approval phase — resulting in further delays. SES was looking for a solution that would make its AP process faster and more fluid, as well as improve internal resources.

In addition to faster data entry and significantly reduced invoice approval times, Esker delivers real-time process visibility, monitoring and reporting capabilities. Thanks to Esker’s AI-driven technology and machine-learning capabilities, supplier invoices, once received, are automatically sent to Esker for processing and entered into the necessary workflow for approval. Seamlessly integrated with SAP, Esker’s AP solution was implemented rapidly and was up and running at once.

“We are very pleased with Esker and impressed with their support throughout the entire implementation phase,” said Maurizio Bellanca, IT Manager at SES. “Today, different departments within the company are able to view their invoices electronically and have better cost control. We appreciate the solution’s integration with SAP, its ease of use and overall effectiveness. I am even more convinced today that we made the right choice.”

Within just a few months of solution implementation, SES cut invoice processing in half, increased invoice traceability and reduced costs.

About SES
With close to 80,000 customers and over 200 employees, the Società Elettrica Sopracenerina SA (SES) is one of the largest electricity distribution companies operating in Switzerland. Created from the merger of Società Elettrica Locarnese (founded in 1903) and Società Elettrica delle Tre Valli (founded in 1913), SES operates throughout the Sopraceneri region of Ticino and is headquartered in the city of Locarno. In 1997, SES implemented a quality certification system in various areas, including environment and safety. The company went public in 2014.

About Esker
Esker is a worldwide leader in cloud-based document process automation software. Esker solutions help organisations of all sizes to improve efficiencies, accuracy, visibility and costs associated with business processes. Esker provides on-demand and on-premises software to automate accounts payable, order processing, accounts receivable, purchasing and more. 

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