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At Esker, our customers inspire us every day – to work smarter and always take a step further in helping them reach success. The Esker Impact Awards recognise and highlight customers and users who have achieved remarkable results with Esker’s technology and have gone the extra mile in transforming their business with automation.

Winners are recognised for achieving outstanding results with our solution, becoming thought leaders and handling our solutions like champions!

And the 2021 winners are...

Biggest champion


Cherie Bradford

“There's been increased motivation within the team as the system is simple and intuitive. And it is helping deliver an improved customer service experience, which continues to support Stelrad’s position as a market leader, and retain accreditation with the Institute of Customer Service.”

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Best Results


“Since implementing Esker, we've seen a huge increase in productivity, now having 56% of all groupwide orders being uploaded hands free with our Austrian service centre leading the way, with 75% of all orders going through Esker, along with complete visibility of the process from start to finish.”

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Advocate of the year


Jonathon Ridley

“One of the main [benefits] was the fact that we had a simple dashboard for all the accounts payable team to use. They could all see where the invoices were in the process, from invoices that had just arrived to invoices that were awaiting final approval. And if any invoices are on hold, you could see exactly what the reason was.”

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Impact Award Winners Success Stories

Benefits of receiving an award

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    Become a thought leader

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    Gain awareness in your industry, and raise your profile or your team's visibility within your company. An award can highlight the expertise of your business and show how you have successfully transitioned to automation and overcome common challenges in your industry.


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    The Esker solution facilitates the work of employees and gives them time for rewarding tasks. It can prove to be a real asset for retaining employees, and a convincing argument for attracting talent. We'll showcase how you've improved the work environment of your teams and care about employee well-being. 

Judging criteria

Convince us that you should win!

Please consider the following criteria to appropriately highlight your experience with your Esker solution. Each category has associated judging criteria.
For a greater chance to win, it is best to include quantitative metrics (cost savings, revenue gains, employee turnover, improved productivity, ROI...), as well as qualitative metrics (employee satisfaction improvement, customer/supplier relationships improvements, etc.) in order to illustrate the benefits and impact of the Esker solution on your business. 

Biggest Champion (user)

Please tell us about how you or a teammate:

  • - Went above and beyond in using or implementing our solution
  • - Leveraged the Esker solution to increase productivity
  • - Improved employee/team satisfaction
  • - Championed/elevated the use of Esker within your organisation

Best Results (company)

Please tell us how your company:

  • - Demonstrated ROI and efficiency
  • - Improved productivity metrics
  • - Increased revenue and profit
  • - Improved employee/team satisfaction

Advocate of the Year

Attributed by an Esker judging committee on the basis of these criteria:

  • - Has engaged on Esker All Access, our online customer community hub
  • - Participated in customer marketing content, such as customer stories, video testimonials, webinars...
  • - Told their story at our Esker All Access event
  • - Has been a reference for prospects or given us a referral

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Nominations for the 2021 Impact Awards are now closed.

Come back later for the 2022 Impact Awards nominations.


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