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Still printing, organising, folding and stuffing your own business mail? Esker Mail Services is a secure, easy-to-use alternative that allows invoices and other documents to be sent out with a click of a button from any ERP or desktop application.


  • Deliver Documents FasterWith no manual intervention necessary, Esker Mail Services allows you to deliver business documents to postal services in less than 24 hours.
  • Stay Clued In & Compliant“Hoping for the best” is not a strategy. With Esker, you get 24/7 real-time document monitoring, along with global support to ensure e-invoicing compliance.
  • Support Remote WorkEsker’s automated business mail services helps your company become more resilient and “future proof” by enabling mail to be sent even while not in the office.
The Pharmacy Verification Network saved over 45% on mail processing costs.
10 to 1 reduced invoice handling and delivery time from 10 days to one.
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Deliver one document ... or one million.

Whatever your volume, Esker Mail Services has no constraints. Based on a unique concept of real-time document processing, individual or batch mailings can be sent when you want, how you want, and without any delays.

Peace of mind at no added cost

Each document processed through Esker is tracked with a unique identifier (included on a bar code on each page), allowing companies to know with certainty that the right document and number of pages were delivered to the appropriate parties. 

Mail services unique identifier bar code
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Follow your mailings from start to finish. 

Using the same unique identifier that ensures errors are avoided, Esker’s automated document delivery service also lets users track every piece of mail through an easy-to-use web portal. Everything from document validation to detailed status updates — even at the individual document level — can be accessed instantly.

Signed, sealed and delivered on your terms

Esker Mail Services allows you to customise your business mailings without ever having to handle them on-site. You can make your company’s business mail look just how you want it by choosing from different options (e.g., envelope size, printing in colour or black and white or adding attachments).

Mail services validation screen shot
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Benefit from Esker’s secure, worldwide network. 

For businesses with customers worldwide, mailing documents can be extremely costly. Thanks to Esker’s global network of production facilities located in France, Belgium, Spain, the U.K., and the U.S., customers benefit from least-cost routing. Users electronically send their document to the production facility closest to the intended recipient so they can take advantage of local postal rates, lowering postage costs and delivery time:


  • Mail is transmitted to Esker production facilities via secured protocol (SSL).

  • Backup and monitoring between Esker production facility data centres offers 24/7 availability.

  • All Esker production facilities are equipped with colour digital printers, industrial folding and franking machines.
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