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Turn your Accounts Payable department into a profit centre. 

Accounts payable gets a bad rep as being a cost centre. But we’re here to tell you — it’s not you, it’s the process. Esker’s Accounts Payable automation software allows businesses to eliminate the manual pains of traditional AP invoice processing thanks to intelligent capture, touchless processing and electronic workflow capabilities. The end result? A simpler, more efficient way to manage cash flow and generate new revenue.

  • 300 COMPANIESautomating AP with Esker
  • 750K INVOICESautomated each month
  • 120 LANGUAGESsupported worldwide
Fresenius revolutionised their business with Esker.
£6 million
Farmland reduced outstanding AP accruals by £6 million.
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Every financial stakeholder — all on one solution

The benefits of using paper-free vendor invoice processing are clear. Automated workflow, real-time analytics and online supplier portals are all transformational features that can truly connect every stakeholder in the invoice settlement process with AP automation.

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    AP Specialist
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    • Reduce clerical work
    • Process invoices faster
    • Never miss supplier discounts
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    • Monitor budget compliance
    • Audit financial performances
    • Access approval history
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    Ap manager
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    • Monitor team efficiency
    • Reallocate resources
    • Facilitate timely closings
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    • Manage payments
    • Audit treasury operations
    • Monitor DPO
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    • Process approvals anywhere
    • Access previous invoices
    • Spot supplier issues early
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    • Get visibility over spend
    • Monitor staff productivity
    • Prevent fraud
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Relationships with your suppliers will exceed expectations.

With AP automation your suppliers can enjoy a synergistic relationship with you to gain mutual benefits. Collaboration can be enjoyed between businesses and suppliers online and in real-time, whilst benefiting from the following:

  • Painless supplier on-boarding
  • Reduced invoice status calls
  • Rapid dispute resolution
  • Less paper handling with e-invoices
AP dashboard laptop screenshot
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Purchase-to-Pay Automation

The Secret to Improving Supplier Relationships

purchase to pay AP mans arm
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Reduced errors, real time tracking and faster processing times achieved as a result of document automation

“We now have the ability to support our company growth with more efficient processes."

Production Director — Firstan

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Ensuring AP tax compliance

Keeping up with changing regulations is tricky and managing suppliers across borders adds even more complexity. Esker's AP e-invoicing solution delivers compliant, paperless invoice processing on a global scale. Archived invoices are kept secure for as long as the local authorities' laws dictate.

Equip your AP team with actionable data.

Esker's automated AP solutions offer intelligent dashboards with packaged KPIs which allow AP workflow users to choose which metrics they would like to display. This means that every single action can be strategic and add value; from monitoring budgets to performing daily tasks.

  • Real-time business trends in easy-to-read charts and reports
  • Personalised user workspace with unlimited capacity
  • Daily metrics that matter to each user
  • Data available on the go


AP interface dashboard screen
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5 KPIs Worth Tracking

How to Maximise Results with Real-Time Analytics and Dashboards

tracking KPIs dashboard tablet screen
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Mobile management? Use Esker Anywhere.

Esker’s mobile requisition and invoice approval application allows you to:

  • Easily approve invoices and purchase requisitions whenever and wherever from your Apple® or Android™ device.
  • Quickly resolve exceptions and approvals, forging positive relationships with your suppliers.
  • Increase efficiency in the P2P process by acting fast and requiring less effort for approvals.
  • Keep an eye on key metrics. Dashboards can be managed on the go so business can be kept on track no matter the time or the place.


Approval application mobile screen
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A truly multi-channel invoice automation solution

With EDI invoice management, things aren't always straightforward. Exceptions occur more often than not. Esker makes it easy. Our multi-channel solution lets you process invoices in any format and from any input channel, whether received by mail, email, fax or EDI. By turning a machine-readable EDI invoice into a human-readable version, you can now apply standard AP processes to EDI invoices as well.

  • Access EDI invoices as PDFs from your ERP system
  • Eliminate the need for IT support to resolve EDI issues
  • Increase “touchless” processing rates for EDI invoices
  • Enhance invoice visibility across all formats and reception channels

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