AB Sciex Automates Its Accounts Payable And Order Management Processes With Esker

Derby, UK — May 4, 2023 — Esker, a global cloud platform and leader in AI-driven process automation solutions for Finance, Procurement and Customer Service functions, announced that AB Sciex, part of the Danaher Corporation is automating its accounts payable (AP) and order management (OM) processes with Esker.

The team at AB Sciex first learnt about Esker’s solutions at an Order Management led webinar run by Esker. AB Sciex had approximately 10,000 consumable orders per year all processed manually and all invoices were processed manually too. The team saw real benefit in automating both processes using a single platform.

Following a competitive pitch process, the project team implemented Esker for both the accounts payable and customer service teams as a joint initiative with key stakeholders. This allowed for streamlining of the processes in the European customer service and AP centres, allowing employees to be released from tedious manual jobs to concentrate on higher level customer service and AP tasks.

The accounts payable team has a shared service centre in India and the ability for the Esker solution to handle multiple company codes across different global sites within Sciex was key in it winning the business.

“Esker is magic! In six months, we have already started to get our principle vendors onto auto processing and have 75% of invoices going through Esker automatically.”
Jordan Basebya, Senior Finance Manager AP, AB Sciex

AB Sciex liked Esker’s flexible approach and the ability to expand the services within the AP solution. The team are also looking at taking on the Esker Supplier Management solution which will manage supplier information and automate processes across the supply chain. This allows suppliers to directly update their information at any time, giving the AP team visibility and real-time analytics, as well as ensuring that all collected data is synchronised with ERP vendor master data so duplicate supplier records aren’t created.

“My team now have so much visibility of the orders coming in and of the approval process too. The dashboards are easy to read and teams can pick up where another one left off, which is great for a large team, many of whom are part-time.”
Rita Roecker, Director Customer Service EMEA, AB Sciex

The Customer Service teams are also looking at touchless processing, with 60% of orders already going through as touchless after 8 months.

This all-encompassing suite of solutions means that Esker will help transform the visibility and control of AB Sciex’s accounts and orders. Esker’s solutions will remove all manual touch points and reduce maverick spend, meaning staff can concentrate on more value-added tasks, such as enhancing customer relationships.

About AB Sciex

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