Purchase-to-pay automation

Powerful solutions to flex your cash management muscle

Accelerating cash flow and improving the company’s financial standing are hard to do when chaotic, manual processes are part of the P2P cycle. Esker’s automation solutions take paper out of the equation, giving greater control and visibility to those who need it most. 

With so much riding on the efficiency of processes involved in the P2P cycle, today’s businesses simply can’t afford to fall back on standard practices that can impact both financial and operational integrity. Unifying P2P processes with automation is the best way to maximise profitability and minimise compliance issues.

Automating processes in the P2P cycle equates to:

  • Strengthened policy enforcement and controls
  • Identification and reduction of maverick spending
  • Improved collaboration with key suppliers
  • Recovery of undetected lost profits
  • Optimise spend requests and goods/services ordering by eliminating manual processing steps, saving money with online purchase requisition and order forms, and standardising approval workflow.
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  • Make paper-free AP invoicing a reality with data capture, electronic workflow and intelligent dashboards — helping you save vital time and costs while improving supplier relationships.
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