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Mail Services and Hybrid Mail

Hybrid mail is one of the major electronic services offered by Esker. The idea is based on the electronic transfer of business documents to Esker production facilities, where the documents are prepared, printed and delivered in a cost-effective manner.

How it works

A unique approach to postal mail

Our expertise in mailroom services guarantees that your documents are processed using the latest industry technology from our partners: Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, Pitney Bowes, Bell & Howell and others. Whether your documents are financial records, inventory reports or marketing brochures you will receive exceptional service and your documents will be handled with utmost care.

The benefits of real-time mailing

Esker production facilities are designed to produce pieces of mail coming from various companies in a single standardised production chain. This guarantees economies of scale even for companies with low mail volumes. Sending documents the same day you generate them from your desktop or business applications means the recipient will receive them sooner. Marketing letters generate opportunities faster, business partners are always up-to-date and invoices are more likely to be paid in a shorter time frame.

Ensured traceability of your postal mail communication

Every document processed by Esker Mail Services is tracked with a unique identifier. A barcode is added on each page to ensure traceability and real-time status of every individual piece of mail. This makes Esker the ideal partner to outsource critical business documents like invoices, accounting statements or inventory reports. At any point in the process, a detailed report on the document status (printed, folded, handed off to the postal service, etc.) is accessible online.