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Fax Servers & Services

Esker offers the broadest range of fax servers, fax services and fax over IP platforms on the market today. With over 3 billion faxed pages sent each year, Esker is the fourth largest fax software vendor in the world.
(Davidson Consulting Report, 2009)

Fax servers

Fax server features available with Esker Fax, Esker Fax for SAP, Esker Fax for Notes & services

  • Enterprise-wide Desktop Faxing
  • Email Fax Integration service
  • Fax Over IP (FoIP)
  • Production Fax Automation
  • Inbound Fax Routing service
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Broadcast Faxing
  • Immediate or Scheduled Fax Delivery
  • SAP Certified
  • Microsoft Certified
  • Centralised Administration
  • Network Directory Integration
  • Support for Multiple Database Engines
  • Document Management Integration
  • Faxing for Remote Users
  • Secure Document Delivery
  • Scalability and Expandability
  • Load-balancing
  • Reporting, Monitoring, and Archival
  • Automated Fax Archival service
  • Detailed Statistical Analysis and Reporting
  • Performance Monitoring, Notifications, and Error Correction


Fax services - Internet fax with Esker on Demand

Esker on Demand provides robust fax services based on proven Esker fax technology.


24/7 delivery with multiple redundant backup systems to ensure no downtime or delivery failures Worldwide network of telephone lines dedicated entirely to fax reception

A system of intelligent line allocation and routing ensures no contractual delays Intelligent and robust management of failed transmissions (multiple retries in case of busy signal)

Seamless integration with existing desktop and enterprise applications makes Esker on Demand easy to implement and use. Real-time tracking of all fax transmissions with detailed reports

Gain detailed visibility and reporting on outbound fax traffic via automated reports Archiving of sent and received faxes for 60 days

No telephony investments:
  • No fax boards or modems
  • No PBX upgrades
  • No need to add dedicated telephone lines
  • No hardware or telephony maintenance costs

Fax over IP (FoIP)

Fax over IP (Internet Protocol), allows users to fax documents over the Internet instead of using a fax machine or fax servers with fax boards. Transmission of a facsimile over an IP network (T.38) instead of PSTN (T.30) is analogous to Voice over IP.

FoIP enables standard fax machines to work with packet networks by extracting the fax image from an analog signal and carrying it as digital data over a packet network.

Take full advantage of faxing over IP with Esker and Dialogic® Brooktrout® SR140 and TR1034 fax platforms:



Consolidation onto a single in-house IP network from separate voice, fax and other data resources
  • Eliminate fees and toll charges associated with PSTN-based faxing (paper, toner, machine, phone costs)
  • Eliminate the need for PSTN phone jacks to connect fax machines and fax servers
  • Send and receive faxes from any desktop, laptop or wireless device through your email interface
  • Simultaneously send multiple messages, without dedicated phone lines or fax machines

Secure communications:
  • Dialogic’s FoIP works behind firewalls, not through them
  • Esker Fax server uses only single purpose fax platforms that transmit information only via the T.30 and T.38 "fax only" protocols

How it works

Historically, two methods have been used for sending FoIP networks:

  • The T.38 standard is also called "real-time" method. The fax is sent exactly like a regular fax call (T.30), the same way as on a PSTN-based fax call.
  •  The T.37 standard or the “store and forward” method. The fax is sent over IP as an email attachment and delivered directly to an email address or via a gateway to a Group 3 fax device over the PSTN.

The primary difference in the two approaches lies in the delivery and method of receipt confirmation. Because of its familiar behaviour, most businesses are interested in real-time fax over IP:

Esker Fax Server & Service

Esker Fax is connected to an IP network and transmits the T.30 protocol and fax image data usingT.38 packets over the IP network to the receiving gateway.


The gateway, in turn, repackages the T.38 packets into T.30 protocol signals and transfers them to the receiving fax machine over the PSTN network.


The receiving fax machine has a T.30 protocol engine communicates with the T.30 protocol engine in the Esker Fax server through the gateway.