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Esker on Demand Infrastructure

As the leading developer of intelligent document management and delivery solutions, Esker allows you to benefit from the latest in mail, fax, and email technology – without hardware or maintenance investment. You can rely on a strategically-placed worldwide network of production facilities to complete your correspondence with the flexibility and performance you deserve.

You no longer need to worry about printing, sorting, folding, stamping, mailing, faxing or supporting mass email. With Esker on Demand solutions delivering your documents, you have more time and resources to devote to your core business.


We understand that businesses today need cost-effective ways to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory frameworks. While corporate governance is technology-neutral, businesses must find solutions that support the basic requirements of compliance and improve information management. Esker on Demand offers tremendous value to customers looking for confidentiality, control and accessibility of their data. More on legal and compliance issues.


Robust infrastructure

The Esker on Demand production facilities were designed for dependable and confidential data processing. We guarantee that your documents and messages will be handled in a secure, confidential and traceable manner. Our production facilities are monitored 24/7 to offer worldwide service and continuous availability.


Solid architecture ensures the security of your documents:

  • Data transfer by secure protocol (SSL) identical to those used for banking transactions
  • Production facilities located in North America, Europe and Australia
  • 24/7 monitoring ensures operational continuity
  • Secure server bay hosted in data centres
  • Electrical infrastructure with back-up generators
  • Fire prevention measures


Each of our server platforms uses high availability cluster technology offering internal redundancies to counter any possible hardware failure.

The platforms in North America and Europe are capable of backing up one another, guaranteeing that your documents are transmitted on time.


The Esker on Demand infrastructure currently processes well over 10 million transmissions each month.

To allow for growth, we selected technology that is scalable and allows us to increase processing capacity without impacting current production. Our scalable architecture enables us to meet contractual commitments on all delivery requirements.



SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 Certifications

Esker processes, procedures and controls have been formally reviewed and certified to ensure controls and safeguards when hosting or processing customer data. 25 internal controls including data centers security, incident management process, infrastructure monitoring, logistics access and recruitment guarantee process integrity for our customers.