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Esker offers several technologies to make sure your business is always online.

Esker solutions are designed for dependable data processing easily scalable to meet the changing needs organisations with features such as load balancing, Microsoft® clustering support, and Esker Cloud Fax Services and Esker Mail Services. Plus, with 24/7 technical support, worldwide service and continuous availability, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with Esker.


Load Balancing

Load balancing improves processing efficiency by distributing workloads among servers. When loads are balanced, no single server can overload. For example, when sending and receiving faxes, load balancing improves overall conversion speed and fax transmission rate to ensure that the highest priority faxes transmit first. Load balancing balances loads for any multiserver system — single site or globally dispersed.



By organising two or more servers to work together as one, Esker provides higher
availability, reliability and scalability than can be obtained by using a single system.


High availability
with continual access to critical delivery while greatly reducing unscheduled outages. Esker meets scheduled uptime goals while reducing unplanned downtime and maximising total hours of service operation.
High reliability
to reduce the frequency of system failure, while providing fault tolerance in case of failure and reduces the risk that a single component/system failure will result in the outage of the entire delivery service.
High scalability
as delivery needs change and grow. Esker solutions can be scaled to increase throughput capacity and performance by adding servers to clustered server farms.

Continuous system monitoring (WatchDog)

Esker provides pro-active diagnostic tools looking out for any malfunction in the system. These tools are consolidated within a unique module called Esker WatchDog, which actively monitors the system 24/7 to ensure that your Esker server stays up and running.

If any service fails, or any application freezes, the WatchDog will detect the error, reset the appropriate component and notify you if the problem cannot be resolved automatically.

The WatchDog will ensure minimal downtime and user inconveniences as well as prevent any loss within your business document processing.

Failover to on-demand

Increase data entry accuracy up to 99% and prevent lost, duplicated or misplaced orders by keeping them all electronic.

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