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Document Archiving

As your organisation engages in e-business, a full record of paperless transactions becomes essential. The archive module allows you to transform, index, and automatically archive critical documents such as invoices, purchase orders, order/ship confirmations and requests for comment.




The archive module is an output connector like the Fax Connector
or the Print Connector. The only difference between this module and the others
is that it does not deliver documents. Rather, it allows the archiving of critical
documents that have been processed using Esker Business Rules technology,
or using API scripts, tag files, XML files or command lines.

No manual
indexing required
Archives transaction
and other data
Search and retrieval
through Doc Manager



Message archiving

Message archiving saves messages of all types processed by Esker in an archive file. For example, organisations can archive outbound faxes or email messages after they have been sent, thereby avoiding an increase in database size but retaining the capability to restore messages for resubmission or verification purposes.

Document archiving

Document archiving indexes and archives specific critical business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, order/ship confirmations or RFQs using the Archive Connector. Companies use Archive Connector for automatically capturing, indexing, and storing exact documents as archives.

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